About us

About Us

American Floral Cargo is a logistic company based in Miami, Fl specialized in the consolidation of flower cargo, warehousing and transportation out of Quito, Ecuador and Bogota and Medellin, Colombia.


American Floral Cargo has been in business for the last eight years, although it is a new company, our founders have been in the flower industry for more than 35 years, American Floral Cargo has been created as a result of the necessity for new alternatives that offer high-quality logistic services providing prompt responses to the typical situations of the industry avoiding majority damages to the product.


Our goal is to make sure that your product arrives to its final destination in excellent conditions. Although our rates are competitive, our priority is not price, but the quality and level of service that your flowers and company will receive.

Why Us?

Here are some the reasons that make us successful and trustworthy in the industry.

We have strong relationships and agreements with major airlines, assuring that your flowers will always have priority

We have growth our relationship with our partners to maintain the best and stable service includes Agencies in origin, US Customs Brokers and US Agriculture brokers.

We control our capacity limiting our total volume in order to keep our operation running smoothly even during flower holidays.

We have strong bonds and connections with all freight forwarders, trucking lines, air cargo companies, and shipping companies such as FEDEX, which we put at your service to assure you meet your deliveries and sales commitments on time.

Our service is oriented with committed employees and diligent procedures which allow us to react quickly meeting the demands of a business dealing with valuable perishable products such as flowers.

Our Facilities

Our warehouse in Miami is right at the distribution hot spot for North America, next door to Armellini and Prime Floral, and across the street from Florida Beauty. This strategic location allows us to offer you the best logistics and a cut-off time for deliveries at least 1.5 hours later than our competitors.

We have more than 29,000 ft2 of cold room facilities, divided into 3

separate areas, each with brand new low-velocity coolers, providing a very stable temperature with minimum dehydration. We follow your specific cold handling and precooling instructions.

Our truck Fleet

American Floral Cargo has their own truck fleet and specialized driver’s employees.

6 Trailers

4 Trailer heads

3 Trucks

1 Mini truck